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SC Velvet Deer Hunts

In Chesterfield County, our Rifle deer season comes in September 1. At that time, at least 85% of the bucks are still in velvet. It is one of the only states in the USA that you can hunt a deer in velvet with a rifle. At this time, the bucks are still running in bachelor groups as well, so you may see several together. Typically, it is still pretty warm in SC but deer movement is still good due to the deer not being hunted for the last 8 months. Book a hunt with HAWGSRUS to get a chance to get a deer in velvet, they make great mounts! Doe cannot be harvested before sept 15 due to SCDNR regulations. All Buck and doe tags have to be bought from SCDNR ahead of time. Local retailers DO NOT have the deer tags.


We have a good population of deer and hunt a lot of agricultural fields as well as baited stands. A good buck in our area would be around 120" with a couple in our county every year close to 150". HAWGSRUS runs our deer hunts from September 1 - December. We also offer Deer/Hog combo hunts as well. See all prices on our 2022/2023 Prices tab.

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