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Hunt Information

Here at Hawgsrus, we have a modest bunk lodge with bathroom facilities, kitchen, bunk beds, satellite TV, heat & air conditioning.  There are hotels within 15 miles of us if you wish to rent a room. We provide a buffet breakfast Friday and Saturday morning, as well as dinner before the evening hunt. If we prepare meals, the cost is $15 per person, per day. We cook generous helpings, we guarantee no one goes hungry. When you kill a hog we have an area to skin it and a walk in cooler. You can use our facilities free of charge if you choose to skin your hog. 


Each hunter gets 1 hog per day in their hunt package. If you are here with us 2 days, you can kill 2 hogs if the opportunity arises. If you kill more than two, the third pig is the cost of ANOTHER DAYS HUNT. ONLY 1 hog allowed under 50 lbs, any additional hogs must exceed 50 lbs. Small hogs are delicious eating so we tell people not to be afraid to shoot a small hog, it will likely be some of the best pork you will ever eat!

We have a couple ATV's at the facility but we encourage you to bring yours with you to assure minimum walks. Almost all of our hunters prefer to bring their own so they can come and go as they please. Some of our stands are not elevated for easy access for hunters that cannot, or choose not, to climb.

If your group has 6 or more people, your group will be the only hunters in camp unless one of our members are there. If the group is under 6 people, we occasionally mix parties to make it financially feasible to put a hunt together. We feed about 1500 to 2000 pounds of corn a week plus gas and man hours traveling to the camp so we do try to mix parties under 6 people.

Kids are welcome and we strive to provide an environment that is kid friendly and pleasing to anyone.


We currently offer hog hunts and hog/deer combo hunts. We do not guide any other type of hunt, but if you hunt during January or February, you may kill a bobcat with no added expense. Feel free to shoot coyotes anytime.  All hunters are required to have a South Carolina hunting license. A 3-day Hunting license is available for $40 for non residents at local stores or online at SCDNR (click link below). You do not need a big game license to hunt hogs, just regular hunting license will cover it. 

A common question hunters ask is what size weapon is best. My suggestion is .223 or larger, but the biggest concern is accuracy at 100 yards. Come prepared to shoot a head shot at 100 yards. We require you shoot the hogs behind the ear to ensure a quick kill since some of our land is very thick and you cannot track the hogs. We DO NOT do any tracking or load your animal, so you will be responsible for recovering your kill. If you shoot a head shot, you are not going to be in a dangerous situation tracking a wounded boar and your meat will be intact after your kill. 

Things you will need to bring:

  1. Rain Gear

  2. Sleeping Bag and Pillow

  3. SC Hunting License

  4. Orange Hat or Vest (Deer only)

  5. Waterproof Boots

  6. *Light for night hunting. We do sell great lights at a great price if you don't have one, just call prior to your hunt so we will have it when you get there.

  7. Thermacell (Summer)

  8. Towels and Toiletries

  9. Drinks and Snack Foods

  10. Coolers to transport meat

  11. ATV (if you have one)

  12. Gun capable of a head shot at 100 yds (.223 or larger)


Things Provided:        

  • Box blinds with feeders

  • Directions to and from blinds

  • Excellent shot opportunities 

  • Walk-in cooler

  • Bunkhouse with (2) bathrooms, shower, 3 Bedrooms, bunk beds, kitchen, Satellite TV

  • Safe, friendly atmosphere

  • Truly wild animals with no fences or releases

  • No guarantees

  • References upon request



  •   NO ALCOHOL while hunting

  •   No non-prescription drugs 

  •   No leaving stands until agreed pickup time (No wandering)

  •   Follow all SCDNR rules and regulations

  •   All violations will be prosecuted and your hunt will end with no refund

  •   A wounded animal counts as a kill

  •   No muddy boots in the house

  •   All hunters must sign a "Hold Harmless" waiver before hunting

  •   Orange is to be worn to and from stands (Orange not required for hog hunt only)


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