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2023 Hunt Price List

**2-day minimum**


$ 355 per person/per day Plus lodging and meals (HOGS only) 

$390 per day per person with lodging and meals included*Includes 1 hog per day

$ 405 per person/per day (HOG/DEER combo) Plus lodging and meals. $440 meals and lodging included

*Includes 1 hog per day / 1 Buck only per hunt

(unless it's doe days and then 1 buck and 1 doe)

****$300 non-refundable deposit PER PERSON to reserve your hunt.*******

(no exceptions)

 3rd afternoon/evening hunt is available for groups of 4 or more at a reduced price of $250 plus lodging. $270 with lodging. No meals available on Thursday.  


Groups of 6 or more adult hunters

$335 per day plus lodging and meals $370 per day w/ lodging and meals included HOG ONLY (add$ 50 per day for combo)

**Add Thursday evening/night for $250 if Friday/Saturday hunt is booked**

Meals not available for Thurs.


Kids pricing:

Under 16: $100 per day if hunting in the stand with a paying adult. If they hunt with an adult they share 1 person limit 

If they hunt by themselves it is 1/2 price of an adult. If they hunt by themselves they get their own limit. 

Under 16 does not require a license but adult must call ahead to SDNR for deer tags (free) if they are deer hunting. I would suggest a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the hunt. They are NOT available in stores.


Lodging and Meals:

$20 per day for lodging ($10 per day per person if you bring a camper)

$15 per day for breakfast and dinner

*please bring your own beverages

Skinning Fee:

$35 up to 200 lbs. ($45 to skin for taxidermy)

$40 over 200 lbs. ($50 to skin for taxidermy)


A SC hunting license is required for hunting hogs.

For deer you also need the Big Game tag.

New for 2018, non-residents must buy buck and doe tags

Current License prices & information available at SC Dept of Natural Resources





**Deposits payable to:

Donnie Tysinger

379 Becks Nursery Rd

Lexington, NC 27292

**Deposits are accepted check or money order (No credit cards or cash apps) All remaining payment due at time of hunt, CASH only


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