Welcome to the HAWGS-R-US website. We hope you enjoy your visit. Here you will find lots of information about our hunt, as well as some current photos of our facilities and harvests. Our little piece of "hawg heaven" is located just outside of Chesterfield, SC. Our hunts are in Mt Crogan SC
  We started our hunts in January, 2005.We have always strived to give our hunters the best possible hunt at an affordable price. Our hunts are still hunt only. All of our stands are safe box stands. We specialize in rifle hunts with an average shot of 100 yards or less. 
  We are now offering wild hog and hog/deer combo hunts. We specialize in rifle hunts with an average shot of 100 yards or less. We do offer bow hunts as well but, as in any kind of hunting, bow hunting has a lot more variables and success ratios are much lower. There is a 2 day hunt minimum with more days available if you wish. We will cater to your schedule but most hunts we do are Friday and Saturday. We do not over hunt our properties, and you will never be put in a stand someone has just hunted in. All of our hunts are fair chase hunts. No fences or released game. We don't knock those kinds of hunts because that's what some hunters prefer. Our hunts are truly wild hog hunts therefore I cannot offer any guaranteed kills. I will however, supply you with references to clients that have had succesful hunts, as well as those that did not. WE DO NOT LOAD OUR REFERENCES!
  We start taking reservations in September for January through August. Last year we filled the calender pretty quick. By January we were booked clear through May. So if winter months are when you plan to hunt, I suggest booking early.
  One thing I can guarantee is a clean safe fun environment. Our business is built on word of mouth and repeat customers. You will not see ads for us in magazines because our repeat customers keep us so busy. We always welcome new hunters and if you'll give us a try, I'm sure you will be back! We are using this website to keep our hunters up to date on how our hunts are going, as well as information for new hunters.  Thanks again for stopping by and feel free to give us a shout. ​ Be sure to check us out on FACEBOOK at hawgsrus for our latest photos.